Gotcha Mama Podcast Episode 21 – Finding your balance and overcoming burnout with Sarah Argenal

Have you ever had to choose between career aspirations and being a parent? Or felt like you were burning the candle at both ends to be the superstar career-woman and also superstar mom?

Unfortunately, overwhelm and burnout is a life-crushing epidemic for working parents in the U.S. And it’s time someone came up with a better way.

Enter my guest on this episode of the Gotcha Mama Podcast, Sarah Argenal! Sarah is on a mission to eradicate the burnout epidemic that’s crushing working parents so they can finally enjoy these precious years of their life. 

When we say working parent, that doesn’t just mean working in a traditional 9-5 corporate setting either. That includes moms who are entrepreneurs or work part-time or any other flexible hours. Working is working. And if you have a dream you’ve just started pursuing, this can be applicable to you too.

More about the guest

With over two decades of experience in areas such as psychotherapy, professional coaching, and complex project management in global law firms, Sarah offers a sustainable and long-term approach to personal fulfillment for working parents. 

She’s the founder of The Argenal Institute, host of the popular Working Parent Resource Podcast, and creator of the Whole SELF Lifestyle™. The Whole SELF Lifestyle is a framework that addresses the logistical and psychological challenges of working parenthood.

She lives in Austin, TX with her husband and two sons. You can learn more about Sarah and The Argenal Institute at

We talk about

  • How she went from working full-time in corporate litigation support to working as an entrepreneur and homeschooling her boys
  • Why she started the Working Parent Resource
  • Why she believes burnout is so common now and what she proposes as a solution
  • Life balance and if it is actually attainable
  • The real underlying issues that we blame on poor time management or other surface-level symptoms
  • She also shares why the Whole SELF Lifestyle framework she’s developed is different from the other personal development tools available

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Working Parent Resource Podcast

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