Gotcha Mama podcast episode 31 – Pursuing Your God-Sized Dreams in Motherhood with Jess Carey

What dreams has God put on your heart in this season of life as a mom of young kids?

Maybe you haven’t even given yourself the time or freedom to let yourself dream. Or maybe you’re discouraged because you feel like there are so many obstacles in the way of achieving your dreams right now. You think that you don’t have time, or money, or skills you need to make it happen.

Whatever your situation, my guest on this episode of the Gotcha Mama podcast, Jess Carey, has some inspiring and motivating words to share with you. In fact, there are so many good things she shares in this episode that it took me a long time to decide which one of her quotes to use to intro the episode.

Jess is a wife, the mom of two, an author, and a student at Hillsong Leadership College. From an early career acting in New York to running a business overseas, she has consistently stepped into the unknown. And she has some fascinating stories to prove it. 

Jess has navigated the transitions and detours life’s presented her and learned some practical ways to continually seek God’s direction. And she’s passionate about sharing how you can do that too.

Her heart is for every person to step into the next part of the journey God has called them to. Whether you are in a season where you are unsure of what to do next, or you’re feeling discouraged by your circumstances.

More about the guest

Jess has been in ministry for over a decade and is currently a student at Hillsong Leadership College pursuing a certificate of pastoral ministry. 

Jess’s first book is called Chart a Course – Taking a Journey With God at the Helm. It reached #1 in the New Releases for Religious Studies in the first week on Amazon!

Jess and her husband, Alex, have moved more than eight times across over 11,000 miles in the past decade, including a stint internationally. 

She currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her two beautiful kids, husband, Goldendoodle Pearl, and bearded dragon Percy. 

Her food weakness is chips and salsa. 

We talk about

  • Why she decided to write her book
  • How her journey of motherhood fits into pursuing the dreams God has put in her heart 
  • A beautiful alternative to the idea of work/life balance 
  • What lessons and ideas she hopes moms who read her book will take away from it
  • And what advice she would give a mom who is unsure what to do next in her life

Links & Resources

Jess’s website:

Buy Jess’s book “Chart a Course: Taking a Journey With God at the Helm



Chart a Course FREE pdf immediate downloads:

More about the Gotcha Mama Podcast:

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