Gotcha Mama podcast episode 45 – My Postpartum Psychosis Story with Kristina Dulaney

I’m continuing the theme of “less-talked-about motherhood topics” for the month of May. Not only to celebrate all mothers’ stories but to hopefully lessen the stigma of some topics and help create a safe space for all mothers to feel loved and worthy, no matter where their motherhood journey takes them.

My guest for this week is Kristina Dulaney. Kristina lives in Northeast Tennessee with her husband and two girls. Just over four years ago, she experienced the rarest of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders – Postpartum psychosis.

Experiencing postpartum psychosis propelled her to share her story to ignite change, decrease stigma and instill hope for others. She refuses to allow her own girls to experience new motherhood the way she did and wants the absolute best care available when it’s their turn to be mothers.

More about the guest

Kristina has shared her story on multiple platforms including podcasts, conferences and nursing schools, as well as many others.

She was also named a 40 under 40 honoree in her region this year after 18 months of full-time advocacy.

She is the co-founder of the Appalachian Perinatal Mental Health Alliance, an alliance formed under the Postpartum Support International. And she founded the nonprofit organization Cherished Mom.

Cherished Mom’s mission is to change the educational landscape around Perinatal Mental Health.

We talk about

  • Her powerful story of going through postpartum psychosis
  • Why we likely don’t hear more stories about postpartum psychosis
  • How she is now using her story to help other mothers
  • What she hopes changes about perinatal mental health and postpartum care in the future
  • How we can all help to create the change that is so obviously needed in perinatal mental health care

Links & Resources

Kristina on Instagram:

Kristina on Twitter:

Cherished Mom:



Appalachian Perinatal Alliance

“Postpartum Psychosis: Something I Didn’t Learn About in Birthing Class” by Kristina Dulaney on the National Alliance of Mental Health (NAMI) blog

More info about Postpartum Psychosis:

Mayo Clinic

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health

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