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For mom entrepreneurs who want to grow their audience and impact by being a guest on aligned podcasts.

podcast outreach & guesting strategy 

Before becoming a mom, I spent over twelve years helping prominent nonprofit organizations raise millions of dollars for worthy causes. THESE DAYS you’ll find me connecting with other podcasting mom entrepreneurs and helping my amazing clients with podcast guesting, and organic podcast growth. You might also find me trying to squeeze in a Barre class or watching the latest hot show on Netflix - while also juggling school drop-off, making endless snacks, changing diapers, cleaning up messes, and kissing boo boos. 

mom of two, podcast guesting strategist, and child of the 80's




free Podcasting moms club 

This group is full of incredibly generous and business savvy podcasting moms who get together once a month on a Zoom call to brainstorm ways to solve podcasting challenges & grow their shows, inspire each other through sharing what's working, and connecting with other mom podcasters for support and collaboration.

pitch partner package

If you aren’t sure where and how to find aligned podcasts to pitch, what to write in your pitch, or maybe even how to share your unique message in an interview, BUT you aren’t ready to jump into the 1:1 pitching package commitment yet, THIS is the ideal solution for you!

yes, please!

sounds like fun!

full service podcast pitching

This option is for you if you want to just show up and do the interviews. You'd love to hand over the research, writing, sending, following up, and scheduling to someone else who gets your business and understands your message so they can handle it for you. Then you can focus on doing things in your zone of genius. 

need this, like yesterday!

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Guesting is one of THE best ways to grow your audience and impact as a mom entrepreneur.

But I know you have a lot on your plate so "pitch myself to podcasts" may feel like a daunting task.

So it likely keeps ending up on next week's "to-do" list. I gotcha, Mama!

This guide will give you 3 simple yet powerful tips you can use right now to get more clients (and grow your audience, and open the door to SO many other opportunities!) through Podcast Guesting.

Connect with podcast hosts who your ideal clients listen to and make more impact (and income) - with more ease and confidence! 

How to Get More Clients
Using Podcast Guesting

With 3 simple Yet Powerful Tips

Yes, please!

Start growing your audience and impact with intentional podcast guesting!

How to grow your business 
Using podcast guesting
with 3 simple yet powerful tips