a mom of two young kids who's passionate about helping other mom entrepreneurs grow thier impact through podcasts.  

I'm Amanda.

Hey, sweet friend!

Before becoming a mom, I spent over twelve years helping prominent nonprofit organizations raise millions of dollars for worthy causes. THESE DAYS you’ll find me connecting with other podcasting mom entrepreneurs and helping my amazing clients with podcast marketing & growth. You might also find me trying to squeeze in a Barre class or watching the latest hot show on Netflix - while also juggling school drop-off, making endless snacks, changing diapers, cleaning up messes, and kissing boo boos. 

Nobody sits you down and honestly (but lovingly) tells you that your expectations of what new motherhood will be like are going to be very different from reality.

Motherhood hasn’t always been unicorns and rainbows for me.

I wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. And after doing the college and full time job gig for over a decade, I felt that season coming to a close with the birth of my first child.  

My expectations of early motherhood were met with a very different reality than I expected.

Instead of cute matching outfits, leisurely lunch dates to catch up with friends while the baby sleeps, days filled with sweet baby snuggles, and maybe a couple weeks of sleeplessness, I was met with...

A baby who would cry for hours on end unless she was nursing, cracked nipples, aching mastitis, a seemingly endless stream of sleepless nights, and that dreaded feeling of doing it “wrong” and not being “enough”.

Night after night of feeling the swell of anxiety knowing that sleep would be elusive once again.

The heaviness of comparison at mom gatherings, desperately wondering how the other moms do it. How they look so showered and put together. How they get their little babes to sleep so calmly. How they look so stinkin rested!!

Wondering if things were ever going to get better. 

A baby labeled with “failure to thrive”.

Dairy-protein allergy diagnosis.

Feeling like I wasn’t cut out to be a mom.

In utter desperation, I reached out to another mom.

And when I finally got up the courage to talk to other moms about how I was feeling, I realized that they had also experienced many of the same challenges. 

I discovered that being a great mom was NOT the opposite of having challenges and struggles.

They actually co-exist. Great moms have struggles and challenges in addition to the really amazing things that come with being a mom!

I wasn’t alone in experiencing those sometimes difficult and messy things.

I wasn’t doing it wrong or a bad mom. It was just that hard sometimes.

My Story

>You can gain confidence and stop doubting and judging yourself so much by talking to other moms who bravely share their stories.

>Sharing our stories honestly opens the door to conversations, creating meaningful connections, and tearing down insecurities.

>Being a great mom can be done in so many ways, not just the way your mom or your friend do it.

>Becoming a mom can challenge you to discover new strengths, priorities, and skills you didn’t even know you had.

>Being a mom doesn’t exclude you from also following other dreams you have. It actually means that it’s so much more important to allow yourself to follow those dreams - for your kids. For your family.

i discovered that...

And After that really sunk in...

I realized how important it was to share those stories and lessons that I was getting so that you would never have to feel like you were “doing it wrong” either. 

Hearing about the genuine challenges and joys other moms like you experience can be exactly what your exhausted mama soul needs.

I decided to share them on a platform that’s easy for you to listen while you do all the things that motherhood requires - making snacks, changing diapers, cleaning up, buying groceries, cooking dinner…

On a podcast, of course!

So in spite of all my perfectionist tendencies and fears of being judged, I took that small step and put it out in the world.

The podcast is a place where great moms like you share everything from awkwardly making mom-friends, to chasing dreams and finding purpose, to managing crippling anxiety and depression.

Honest conversations.

Inspiring stories. 

Well-earned wisdom for your motherhood journey.

It comes down to this:  

We weren’t meant to do motherhood alone.

Both the joys and the challenges are better when you know there's another mom out there who's story is similar to yours.

And you learn from stories of moms who've had different journeys than yours.

I see ya. I love ya.
I gotcha, mama!