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Meet Amanda!

Ready to get booked as a guest on aligned podcasts to build your authority and grow your audience with intention? Then Amanda Bennett is your new business mom-friend.

After working for over a decade as a nonprofit fundraising professional, helping organizations like the University of Georgia Athletic Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) raise millions of dollars, Amanda now uses her knowledge and skills in relationship building to help mom entrepreneurs get booked as guests on aligned podcasts. 

When she’s not connecting mom entrepreneurs, you can find her chasing around her two energetic kiddos, advocating for maternal mental health, talking about podcasting growth strategies with her Podcasting Moms Club.

Or in her fuzzy robe, eating Biscoff cookies with camomile tea while watching the latest Netflix binge-able show with her husband. 

podcast outreach & guesting strategist

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Discover how finding and investing in a like-minded community can be the often overlooked, but not-so-secret sauce to growing your podcast, reaching your goals, and supporting you as a mom podcaster.

Learn how to find your crowd, create win-win-win collaborations, and gain momentum that propels your business forward.

The Essential Ingredient To Successful Podcast Marketing & Growth

Proven step by step process of what to do to use targeted and relationship-focused podcast guesting as a strategy to grow your audience, your network, and your authority.

How to Drive Sustainable Business Growth with Podcast Guesting

Stop dragging your feet on pitching because you don't know what podcasts to pitch or dread how long *you think* it will take you to find and pitch them!

Maximize your time and multiply your impact by learning where to start, exactly what to look for, and how to find the right fit podcasts to pitch yourself as a guest.     

The Podcast Research Roadmap: How to Discover Your Best Fit Podcast Guesting Opportunities

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