Hey, Mama! So awesome to have you here.

About the Founder

Amanda is an Introvert who loves Jesus, good black coffee, all things 1980s, and personality typing tests. She also has a fondness for reality tv shows. Especially when they involve dance, fashion, or food!

Amanda lives just outside Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Shaun and her daughter Claire. She has a Masters degree in Nonprofit Management from the University of Georgia and has always found purpose in helping others realize and use their strengths. She left the full-time work world of nonprofit fundraising to stay at home with her daughter in 2016. 

After experiencing unexpected challenges in motherhood, Amanda reached out to other moms to talk about her experience with breastfeeding, milk protein allergy and struggles with sleep. Surprised to find that they too had experienced many of the same challenges. She felt comforted and a sense of empowerment that she wasn’t actually alone in experiencing those things as a mom. 

She realized the immense value she gained from moms of all kinds sharing their stories and wisdom. And how much knowledge and confidence could be gained by other moms if those stories were shared with them too. Sharing opens the door to conversations, creating connections, and tearing down insecurities.

She believes in the power of authentically and lovingly sharing your challenges as well as your joys as a mother.

And that your unique strengths and desires are gifts. Don’t let comparison and guilt threaten to diminish them. 

About Gotcha Mama

God dropped a dream in Amanda’s heart in 2017 as she was taking her daughter for their daily stroll around the neighborhood. She clearly heard God’s calling to create something that would “speak life” to mothers in the season of life of having young children.

After exploration and a lot of “doing things scared”, Gotcha Mama was created.

The ultimate goal of Gotcha Mama is inspiring and encouraging moms of young kids so that they can confidently create the impactful and meaningful life they deeply desire – free of guilt and comparison.

Currently, Gotcha Mama accomplishes this through the Gotcha Mama Podcast and blog posts. And while the vision and mission of Gotcha Mama will stay the same, as we grow and learn, the method and resources we provide may change.

I’m so excited to be on this meaningful journey of motherhood with you!

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