Gotcha Mama Podcast Episode 022 – How to cultivate your happiness as a mom with Elle Benson

Are you happy? Like really happy, right now.

Happiness, mindfulness, and positive psychology are popular areas of research and interest right now. I wanted to dig into how it can apply to the very unpredictable and sometimes stressful season of life parenting little ones.

On this very positive episode of the Gotcha Mama Podcast, I chat with guest Elle Benson.

Elle is the mom of a toddler, an author, and a nonprofit director in Tennessee. She is what many would describe as a typical working mother. She’s the one on mute during the conference call, balancing her phone on one shoulder and her toddler in the other arm.

Elle doesn’t believe there’s a science to motherhood but does believe that women need to stop judging others. And, more importantly, stop judging themselves. 

She began studying positive psychology to help people finish the phrase, “I’ll be happy when…” Her desire to assist other moms with being happy in the present moment is inspiring.

To help others benefit from what she learned, she launched a business and, most recently, a workbook for moms called “Cultivate Your Happiness”.

She is funny, optimistic (of course), honest, and has a passion for supporting other moms by helping them thrive in motherhood. So basically, she’s my kind of people!!

More about the guest

Elle Benson is a working mother with a passion for leadership and mindfulness. She is an author and nonprofit director in Tennessee.

One minute she’s researching toddler books starring powerful females. The next minute she’s helping nonprofit organizations build the capacity to achieve their missions.

Elle currently works full-time developing nonprofits capacity. She earned a business degree from the Haslam College of Business and her MBA in leadership and organizational change at Tiffin University. Additionally, she gives her time and talents to teaching nonprofit management at the University of Tennessee.

Elle enjoys being involved in the community. She is currently serving on boards and committees for the Association of Infant Mental Health in Tennessee, Friends of Literacy, United Way of Greater Knoxville, and Young Professionals of Knoxville.

Elle designed the “Cultivate Your Happiness” workbook to help women “deepen their sense of self-awareness during pregnancy”.

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We talk about

  • What is happiness and why it’s important for people
  • The various factors that determine happiness in your life
  • Why Elle decided to launch Cultivate Your Happiness 
  • How the “Cultivate Your Happiness” book and her vision for the business benefit moms
  • How to teach your children to be happy
  • And much more amazing conversation about happiness, positive psychology, and how it all relates to motherhood!

Links and resources

Cultivate Your Happiness website –


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